Wintergreen - Positioning to Build Brand

Success of Wintergreen Resort PR Campaign

THE CHALLENGE: Wintergreen Resort was only known as a regional ski resort and real estate community. The challenge was to build awareness for Wintergreen as a national, year-round resort destination.

THE SOLUTION: To determine what set Wintergreen apart from the competition and create a public relations "build" campaign. Glickman determined that Wintergreen's nature program was unique in that it had a full-time biologist/naturalist on staff who had been doing some very positive environmental projects for the community. To date, the program had gone mostly unrecognized, He became aware of the American Hotel and Motel Association new Environment Quality Achievement Award. Glickman prepared a 25-page presentation and a five-minute video on Wintergreen's nature program, and the resort was selected as the recipient of the AH & MA's National Environmental Quality Achievement Award.

THE RESULT: Glickman utilized this award to garner national publicity for Wintergreen. His release was picked up by both Associated Press and UPI and ran in hundreds of newspapers across the country. The award and the national attention it received gave Wintergreen instant credibility with the travel press. Glickman took advantage of this to position and entrench Wintergreen as 'one of the most environmentally-sensitive resorts in the country Wintergreen was included whenever stories were written on green resorts and was featured in a cover story "Profit in Preservation" in United Airlines magazine Hemispheres as well as in a Sunday travel section story in the New York Times.