Virginia Destination Marketing

Case Study: Creating Private-Public Partnerships

THE CHALLENGE: To attract people from out of state to golf and ski in Virginia.

THE SOLUTION: To unify the competitors of both the ski and golf industries in Virginia in order to create associations that would partner with the Virginia Department of Tourism to develop new and innovative ways to market Virginia.

THE RESULTS: Both the Ski Virginia Association and the Golf Virginia Association were created to partner with the Virginia Division of Tourism on several marketing initiatives. These included a dedicated 800 number for both Golf and Ski, as well as joint marketing and advertising initiatives including a Golf Virginia sweepstakes that culminated in national and international exposure in Golf, Golf Digest, Links, Golf for Women and the Golf Channel. The success of this private-public partnership changed the face of Virginia tourism which up to that point had only promoted its historic offerings, The ski and golf associations became the model for the future promotion of Virginia's tourism.