Market Ready Trial Implementation in Oaxaca

In a project funded by Laboratory of Social Cohesion II of the European Union and AMEXCID the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation (AMEXCID) an agency of Mexico's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, AMT.Marketing and are currently working with Natura Consultores, a Oaxaca based consulting firm with 14 community based ecotourism projects, in a trial implementation of portions of the Market Ready Mexico model in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Officially referred to as the "Professionalization of indigenous Mixe, Mixtec and Zapotec youth to avoid their exclusion in the tourism sector and give them the opportunity to aspire to formal and quality employment", the project seeks to increase the viability and marketability of their ecotourism projects.

In an exhaustive tour of the beautiful and bio-culturally diverse Isthmus and Mixtec regions of Oaxaca, the Market Ready Mexico evaluation was applied to all the companies in Natura Consulting's group by AMT.MARKETING and La Mano del Mono, a partner of AMT.MARKETING and Adventure Mexico Travel in the Market Ready Mexico consortium based in Chiapas. The model, developed in Canada by the Association of Indigenous Tourism of British Columbia at BC, categorizes companies according to their Business, Operational and Commercial capabilities into the following categories according to international tourism quality criteria: Emerging, Visitor Ready, Market Ready and Export Ready.

The Market Ready Mexico consortium, formed by Adventure Mexico Travel Guides, Inc / AMT.MARKETING, La Mano del Mono, RED Travel Mexico and Ecoturismo Genuino, offers specialized business and operational capacity building training courses including (among others) business planning, administration, guide preparation, tour operations, guest services, hospitality operations and market studies. In this project, Market Ready Mexico only performed the market ready analysis while AMT.MARKETING is coordinating the commercial strategies for the project.

AMT.MARKETING is helping improve the digital footprint and visibility of these companies through the website, the development of social media channels and a Commercial Strategies training course that was imparted by Paul Beckman in the city of Oaxaca - November 20-24, 2017. All of the community based ecotourism companies that are benefiting from the project are selected a youth from their respective communities to be trained to manage the commercial interest of each company and participate in the course. (The human resource selection criteria and registration to the course developed by AMT.MARKETING can be seen here).

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