Do Something Good for the Environment. 79% of travelers will support destinations and businesses who are doing good things environmentally. Start with something simple, but just start.

Embrace Your Sense of Place. The history, the culture, the natural resources of the area, and the community surrounding the location of a business are all invaluable assets that can help set your destination apart.

Connect with Your Community. Give back to your community and your community will give back to you.

Communicate with your guests, employees and community. Communication is everything!

A compelling website that makes it easy to book a reservation. Make sure it’s optimized for search engines and the booking process is easy and seamless.

Great customer service. Don’t cut your training budget. You need it!

Listen to your guests. Give them what they want, not what you’re trying to sell.

Build and work your database. Capture and communicate with your prospects, too.

Have an aggressive online strategy. If you don’t, you’ll lose! It’s easier than ever for guests to read reviews, research hotels, compare prices, and find available rooms from anywhere, using their mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. If you want to be competitive and drive business, you need to commit to a strong digital marketing strategy.

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