Case Study: Success of El Cid's Revitalization

THE CHALLENGE: With new Mexican destinations such as Los Cabos, Cancun and Riviera Maya being developed, El Cid was losing its market share and its occupancy had dipped to 45%.


THE SOLUTION: The property had never conducted research in its 20 years of operation. Glickman convinced the owner that it was critical to define current and prospective customer perception of the resort as well as travel agents in their primary and secondary markets. In addition, Glickman wanted to determine if audience perception of the word “mega” in their name was positive or negative. As part of the discovery process, Glickman polled 50 travel writers for their perception of El Cid and also the word “mega”.


The research was eye-opening for the owner because in his culture, “mega” conveyed machismo. But in the end, the research revealed that the connotation was unanimously negative. People didn’t want to travel to Mexico to go to a “mega resort”. Consequently, we dropped “Mega” and renamed the property El Cid Resorts. The research also helped us with numerous other changes to El Cid’s marketing strategy, including a new brand, website, and promotional materials. The resort’s dark logo was more “Darth Vader” than the national hero of Medieval Spain, El Cid, which was their original intent. We energized and contemporized the El Cid logo, giving it new life.


THE RESULTS: In the first year of the rebranding campaign, occupancy went from 45% to 65%, increasing to 75% in the second year.