Paul Beckman

Paul Beckman is an experienced promoter and operator of nature and adventure travel in Mexico with more than 15 years of trajectory in both private and community based ecotourism projects. In 2014, he started Mexico Travel Guides Inc, a media startup and consulting firm (AMT.Marketing) based in Canada which owns the domain and website whose mission it is to promote Mexico’s adventure tourism sector (nationally and internationally) through a leading industry-expert digital portal. 


Born and educated in Mexico, Beckman spent 20 years in Mazatlan, Sinaloa with his wife Carolyn in Mexico’s northwest coast where they co-owned and operated a successful kayaking and birdwatching business. Passionate about sustainable development, together they incubated the Tufted Jay Preserve, (Reserva Chara Pinta) a community based ecotourism project in a logging cooperative in the Sierra Madre Occidental of Sinaloa, an area famous in the birding and ornithology communities due to a staggering number of species and endemics. With the signing of a private 5,000 hectare conservation easement with ProNatura (Mexico’s oldest and largest conservation NGO’s on which Paul served on the board), the ecotourism project with cabins, trails, guides, cooks and transportation is now in its eighth year, creating employment and diversifying the community’s economy.


With a background in fisheries and aquaculture, Beckman has also directed marketing projects outside of the tourism industry, successfully designing and implementing the marketing and communication strategies for ProAqua Mexico, the country’s leading supplier of highly specialized equipment and feeds.


Beckman, with an intimate knowledge of Mexico’s adventure travel industry, is currently the director of the Market Ready Mexico model initiative, which is currently working on the positioning of Mexico’s adventure travel businesses in the market niches they need to penetrate while guaranteeing the traveller the quality service and experiences they seek according to international market and sustainability criteria. He also served as vice-president of Mexico’s Ecotourism and Adventure Travel Association (AMTAVE) where he recognized the very real niche-marketing need of a website that would increase online visibility and sales for individual operators as well as for the industry in Mexico as a whole.