Case Study: New Site Provides Platform for Adventure Tour Operators, Entrepreneurs and Destinations
To Promote Their Adventure Travel Offerings

The Challenge: In a global adventure travel industry worth over $263 billion US, Mexico is a megadiverse country (biologically and culturally) that offers countless adventure opportunities and world class experiences in stunning locations.  Mexico is ranked 13th in an adventure tourism development index conducted by Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) in 2015 with an estimated 2,300+ ecotourism companies (SECTUR 2014) and 14 million + visitors to the country’s 180 Natural Protected Areas.


The challenge is that 85% of the companies are emerging private and social startups (Market Ready 2017) that are not ready to maximize and leverage their tourism opportunities nor do they have the resources to adequately market themselves. Additionally, Mexico is more positioned and perceived as a beach resort destination in the minds of its biggest markets in the US and Canada and not as a world class adventure destination.


The Solution: With its commitment and focus on organizing and promoting Adventure Travel in Mexico both nationally and internationally, AMT. MARKETING launched and registered a dedicated website and portal,, to provide a promotional platform for destinations, tour operators and entrepreneurs to promote their offerings.


The Results:  In order to build a following and gain traction with the search engines, AMT.MARKETING invited 90 tour operators in Mexico to post their content on their website.  As a result, the website continues to gain traction with the search engines.  The website is continuing to grow and evolve and a new Spanish and English version of the site is in development.