At AMT.MARKETING, we believe the adventure travel industry has the potential to positively transform people, communities, environments and economies.


AMT.MARKETING provides an integrated, multi-channel approach to marketing, branding and public relations with a specialized focus on helping destinations in Mexico with sustainable tourism solutions and providing adventure tour operators with a marketing platform to drive incremental revenue.

AMT.MARKETING principals, Paul Beckman and Mark Glickman, know and love Mexico, having lived and worked there for years.  For close to three decades, they have represented some of the top tourism and travel brands in the world.  Paul and Mark’s belief in the unique opportunities provided by adventure tourism and their specific focus and dedication to this industry, sets AMT.MARKETING apart from other tourism consulting practices.  So does their passion for Mexico, and marketing the country's emerging businesses, adventure travel companies and entrepreneurs as well as its natural protected areas, its destinations and their sustainable development.


No agency knows adventure travel and destination tourism in Mexico better than AMT.MARKETING.  We have strategic alliances and collaboration agreements with the [world association of adventure tourism] - Adventure Travel Trade Association - ATTA, Mexico's National Commission of Protected Natural Areas - CONANP, the Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources - SEMARNAT and the Mexican Association of Tourism Adventure and Ecotourism – AMTAVE.

Project we developed to create the digital footprint of 12 community based ecotourism projects in the Mixteca and Isthmus regions of Oaxaca in collaboration with Natura Consultores. Funded by the European Union and AMEXCID.

What Sets Us Apart

But what really sets AMT.MARKETING apart from other agencies is when you work together with AMT.MARKETING, your destination and business can take advantage of the synergy created from ADVENTUREMEXICO.TRAVEL and MARKET-READY MEXICO to hit the ground running to successfully build and market your destination and its adventure tourism offerings.

Our Adventure Mexico website provides travelers and lovers of adventure a place to find them. It is the only website that is dedicated to promoting Adventure Tourism in Mexico by an organization committed to helping the emerging private and community based social start-ups evolve toward market and export readiness.


Our parent company, Adventure Mexico Travel Guides, Inc. owns and operates the portal and website www.adventuremexico.travel. Mexico is a world-class adventure destination with a myriad of natural attractions and more than 1000 tour operators and eco-lodges that can be incorporated into our growing website which provides a digital platform for Mexican destinations and adventure tour operators to promote and advertise their tours and services, events and industry news.



Our MARKET-READY MEXICO initiative and offering is helping destinations, emerging businesses, entrepreneurs and tour operators in Mexico identify and position their adventure travel businesses that are ‘market-ready’ according to international and sustainability criteria, to deliver the traveler the quality of service and experiences they seek.


“In mass tourism, approximately 80% of the revenue from a trip goes to airlines, hotels and other international companies. In contrast, in adventure tourism, 70-80% of the revenue goes to local communities.”


AMT.MARKETING and Market Ready Mexico brings together in collaborative agreements & projects an extraordinary team of people with vast experience and leading roles in the development of a sustainable adventure travel industry in Mexico, Canada and around the world.

Paul Beckman

Paul Beckman is an experienced promoter and operator of nature and adventure travel in Mexico with more than 15 years of trajectory in both private and community based ecotourism projects.

Mark Glickman

Marketing and branding strategist Mark Glickman works with some of the world’s leading resort developments, destinations, management companies and nonprofits on branding, publicity, special events, sustainability and driving revenue.  

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